We provide a comprehensive technological infrastructure management service so that you do not need to worry and can instead focus on your business.

Today, most companies rely on technology to optimize their production processes, to communicate with their clients and suppliers and even to perform many of their daily tasks. To achieve this, it is key to have a technological infrastructure that works optimally and according to your needs.

Our technological infrastructure management services aim to ensure continuity, stability, capacity and performance and, in this way, to reassure our clients that all the elements that make up their technological infrastructure will work reliably.

We seek to provide a comprehensive solution with high quality standards based on our team’s capacity, experience and relationship with our suppliers.

Our Managed Services consist of the following branches:

  • Monitoring
  • Services Management
  • Cloud Services
  • Security
  • Help Desk
  • Business Continuity


Monitoring of both servers and services is one of the most important factors in technological infrastructure management. It allows to visualize the general state of networks, equipment, links, etc. Additionally, it enables the detection of early problems like full disk alerts, lack of resources, undesirable behaviors and other deviations.

Good monitoring allows for:

  • Cost reduction: We will determine how well-dimensioned and optimized the infrastructure is.
  • Drawback prediction: Through early alerts we can prevent incidents from escalating and reduce downtime.
  • Detection of anomalous behavior: By knowing the normal behavior of our whole infrastructure, when some element deviates from the usual parameters, we will be able to promptly detect it and investigate in detail when this happens.
  • Instant reports: Different types of reports can be parameterized for a specific period of time, equipment or resource as needed.

Services Management

Our Services Management aims to correctly integrate People, Processes and Technology.

Nowadays, the vast majority of companies need technology to comply with their processes, which vary depending on each company, and they also need people. For this reason, we believe that there must be a synergy between these three elements (People – Processes – Technology). A technological solution must adapt itself to company processes, as well as to the people who are part of it. Thus, we aim to increase efficiency, align said processes to the technological infrastructure and reduce risks, among other factors.

In accordance with this premise, we provide thorough Services Management with our focus on technology services, but always taking into account the processes as well as the people we support.

Cloud Services

The new computing paradigm is oriented to the implementation of cloud services. Among them, there are various types:

  • IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service): The computer resources offered consist, in particular, of virtualized hardware. These can be servers, storage, networks, etc. E.g.: AWS, Google Cloud, Azure.
  • PaaS (Platform as a Service): The most used by developers to develop and execute their applications, this service reduces complexity by automatically managing scalability, among other things. g.: Google App Engine.
  • SaaS (Software as a Service): This service relates to web-based services, targeted to end users. g.: Gmail, Dropbox, etc.

Our Cloud Services aim to jointly map with our clients their current and future needs and to recommend, if necessary, which cloud service and cloud provider to procure. Nevertheless, it is not always the best option to migrate towards a cloud environment.

In other words, we accompany our clients throughout the process, from the provider selection, based on requirements and costs, and services migration to the cloud to post-implementation support, including those stages that we consider important, such as training involved employees, generating the necessary documentation, acting as an interface between the client and the cloud service provider, etc. In this way, we provide a turnkey solution so that our clients need only to take care of their business.


Information security is an essential aspect of IT for companies of any type and size. It is about protecting the data against unauthorized access and preserve them from possible corruption.

As we described in the Services Management section, security must take into account people, processes and technology, and security policies must be consistent with the company processes and, in turn, ensure data confidentiality and integrity.

Our Security service aims to know our clients’ current situation and, based on the findings and the available budget, to offer various improvement plans, training, audits, etc.

In order to fulfill our objectives, we have strategic alliances with the main security appliances manufacturers as well as highly qualified personnel to do the job.

Help Desk

Maintaining a support department within a company for the incidents that its terminals or computer equipment may present at any given moment, in most cases, is not profitable. That’s why we offer our computer assistance service for users, provided by specialists outside of the company but who solve problems when they arise, which proves to be a more effective and economical solution.

Our specialized Help Desk analyzes, designs, develops, implements and manages the service adapting your requirements to the needs and expectations according to the business nature. We offer remote support and monitoring throughout the year, 24 hours a day or during the schedule your business needs.

With this service, we are capable of:

  • Performing diagnosis and remote support through any channel(different Help Desk tools, chat, phone or email) in order to solve incidents related to the use of the company’s equipment.
  • Doing an ON SITE intervention in case an incident cannot be solved online.
  • Ensuring quality by measuring, evaluating, correcting and establishing the necessary contingency measures to ensure at all times the accessibility, availability, capacity and security of ICT resources available to the company.

Our Help Desk service is scalable according to the needs that may arise, and it improves the user experience, thus favoring the company’s relationship with its clients.

Business Continuity

Business Continuity is a service that aims to anticipate and prevent the appearance of unpredictable situations or events, such as computer attacks, fires, natural disasters, etc.

This service has different phases in order for it to be provided effectively:

  1. Evaluation and risk analysis: Costs that an interruption of the business processes would entail are analyzed.
  2. Selection of an appropriate strategy: Based on the evaluation and analysis of the previous step, the priorities and strategies to be followed are established.
  3. Plan development: The plan, which will have different procedures for the different possible external scenarios, is designed.
  4. Tests and maintenance: Plan tests are carried out to ensure proper operation as well as the permanent updating of the plans based on business processes evolution.