One of our biggest challenges as a technology company is to capture and analyze business process requirements to model them and take them to a virtual environment where everything is possible.

Our software development business unit focuses on the following disciplines:

  • Application development and implementation
  • Application QA/Testing
  • Software Quality Development Processes
  • Investigation and development (I+D)
  • Application optimization

We use agile frameworks to create an iterative-incremental approach, optimizing project management with extensive risk reduction during the development process.
Our staff, who has made it possible for us to stand out and grow as a company, is made up of creative, innovative and proactive people who share the need to positively influence the work environment.

Our guiding principle is to ensure that all projects that are carried out, regardless of the way we accompany our clients, end successfully, with services of quality and faithful to the basic principles of Software Engineering.

What are the benefits of choosing us?

  • We work in a flexible environment where human relationships based on integrity, respect and joint commitment are valued.
  • Our client is our strategic ally to carry out our operations.
  • We consider ourselves a dynamic, solid technology company with the potential to become leaders in the market.
  • We work with large partners that have renowned experience in the market to allow for contingency in large-scale projects.
  • Our teams are focused on providing a comprehensive solution to the client.

Our methodology

Our core is based on facilitating work teams aimed at providing comprehensive solutions to our clients using agile methodologies such as eXtreme Programming and Scrum relying on standards such as the Unified Software Development Process and the Object-Oriented paradigm.

We specialize in custom software development and mentoring in technology implementation. Among our developments are integrated management systems, Web portals, intranets/extranets, collaboration applications, Mobile applications, XML Web Services, comprehensive information processing applications and integration applications between different systems.


Our philosophy is to offer a product specifically tailored to the needs and challenges of each company. To achieve this, we work with cutting-edge technologies, integrating different devices and using the latest development techniques. We work with a multidisciplinary team of professionals highly trained in the most used technologies and tools for customized software development, such as:


Microsoft .NET

Server Technologies

Project Server
Windows Azure

Database Engines

SQL Server
MySQL / MariaDB

Smart Clients